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Pandorea is an attractive native creeper that has glossy leaves and trumpet-like flowers produced in flushes during Spring and Summer.


Pandorea pandorana  is a native climbing vine that is robust and durable and is perfect for growing against a fence or other support structure. The foliage is shiny green, and during the spring, numerous ruby red trumpet flowers with white centers bloom. adds a really attractive tropical display to the yard and is incredibly resilient and simple to care for. a resilient native. will need a support system. After flowering, prune to maintain the desired size or form. In the spring, fertilize using a slow release fertilize with low phosphorus.



is an evergreen native climber with tubular or funnel-shaped flowers. Foliage is either dark green and glossy or bright green and growth is vigorous.

Flowering will occur mainly through spring and summer but will spot flower throughout the year. Jasminoides var can produce medium or small white or pink flowers in clusters. Pandorana var flowers range from cream-white to bright white to maroon-throated, burgundy or even yellow orange, often with a delicate fragrance.



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