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Mammillaria bombycina belongs to the Cactaceae family and is also popularly referred to as the silken pincushion cactus. This cactus is native to parts of Mexico and tends to grow singularly or in a cluster. It mainly features a few bulbous tubercles that have white hairs and spines along with slightly longer brown spines.

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Mammillaria bombycina Care Guide

Soil Medium

It is important that these cacti grow in a good medium of soil that includes a combination of sand, perlite and organic fertilizers or compost. You can either combine these materials on your own by looking up their required quantities or you can buy a mix having a good quality from a store.

In essence, whether you make the medium or buy one, it is important that it should have sufficient drainage properties and enough room for the roots to breathe in. It should be moist enough (and not too moist or dry) and should have a good consistency.

Container Size

Once you have your medium ready, you will need to transfer the Mammillaria bombycina to a container for germination and further growth. This container should have enough holes in it for drainage and should be large enough for the seedlings.

The same factors apply to the pot that you will transfer the seedlings to after they reach a certain height. This pot should be big enough to allow the plant to grow over the next few years.


Water your Mammillaria bombycina regularly. See if the water has dried out from the previous time you watered the plant. If it has, you can water it again. Make sure you do not water it excessively as this will hinder its growth. When it is winter, stop watering it completely as this is when they are dormant.

You should make sure that you do not provide excessive care to your cacti during their period of dormancy in winters. This will hinder their growth and health in other seasons. Further, they need this dormancy to bloom flowers during spring. This is why it is important to largely leave them alone in winters.

During the germination process, do not overwhelm the seedlings with moisture. Water from under the seedlings to prevent damping off.

Exposure to Light

Mammillaria bombycina usually require intense light, so they love the outdoors. Some species, however, may not be able to thrive in such direct and strong light for longer than a few hours. Make sure you do enough research about the particular species that you are growing and how much light it requires.

If, however, you are growing these plants indoors, make sure you place them in an area that gets sufficient light. This can include a windowsill, a balcony or a plant room with grow lights. It would be a good idea to keep increasing their exposure to sunlight for their healthy growth and survival.


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