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Common names: hairy gerrardanthus

Vining caudex plant with lovely foliage that reminds me of maple leaves. Very easy grower. Also known as Bigfoot Plant, due to the enormous caudex! Exact specimen shown for sale. 1 gallon pot size



Gerrardanthus is a robust, perennial creeper that can climb shrubs and trees up to a height of 15 m. It has a large, swollen root structure that seems to be woody rather than succulent. Branches are produced from the caudex. Leaves are alternate, triangularly 5–7-lobed, 60–120 mm long, dark green and densely covered in woolly hairs below, particularly along the veins. In winter it loses its leaves along the length of its perennial shoots. Long, branched, coiling tendrils are produced from the leaf axis and are covered with short hairs. Young plant parts are also tomentose.


An uncommon tendril climber, with dark green, triangularly lobed leaves and a large succulent caudex, that grows among boulders and stones, in moist, shaded areas in the coastal subtropical forests around Durban and climbs trees up to a height of 15 m.


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