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Family: Euphorbiaceae
Genus: Euphorbia
Kingdom: Plantae
Species: E. pachypodioides
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These beautiful Euphorbia seedlings from the island of Madagascar will definitely be one your most favorite succulents in your greenhouse.

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Euphorbia pachypodioides comes from the island of Madagascar.

Origin and age

The plants that are being sold are 3 years old seedlings.

Growing conditions

These plants love direct sunlight and need temperatures above 13° C.

How often to water the plant

Watering the plant thoroughly once a week during it’s growth season is sufficient.

Once you water the plant, let the soil dry out completely before next watering.

How to take care of the plant during wintertime

During wintertime when the plant stops its growth season, it can be watered only once a month. Keep the temperature above 13° C.

Please note that the plant may lose its leaves during wintertime. No need to worry, they will grow back again when the Spring comes!






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