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We love planting. We believe that the cultivation of plants can change the atmosphere of the surrounding living environment and make the home environment full of vitality.

With this love and enthusiasm for plants, We have collected beautiful or distinctive plants from all over the world, hoping to share their beautiful and peculiar appearance with you, and to stimulate your interest in green life and planting. interest. At the same time, we also expand your horizons and increase your understanding of the world through our understanding of different plants and their native places.

Due to changes in the climate and environment, many plants have been unable to survive in their original habitats. We also hope that through the introduction and promotion of plants, they can be properly taken care of here, and they can continue to grow and grow. Every plant here is hard to come by, and many plants grow very slowly, some have been decades, some even hundreds of years, it is worthy of careful observation and taste.

Through careful selection and strict control, only healthy and high-quality plants will be sold on the shelves of “Caudex Plants”.View the shop

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